About Us

About Rochelle Sollish, Principal

The Marketing Garage (a division of Brody Smythe Direct, www.brodysmythe.com) was created by Rochelle Sollish. It’s the result of seeing the need smaller companies have for marketing guidance at affordable fees. Rochelle acts as the marketing consultant and executive creative director, working directly with all clients. Recommending solutions that  lead to success…and good ROI’s.

Rochelle graduated with an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Management. Her Rochelle's Pictureundergraduate degree (from NYU) was in Economics and English. She served as a senior marketing executive at several Fortune 500 companies (including American Express, Citicorp and Polaroid Corp). With the experience she gained from these outstanding organizations, Rochelle started her own direct marketing agency—Brody Smythe Direct. In addition to direct response marketing, the agency offers all marketing services essential to growing a business. The Marketing Garage is the result of seeing a need among new and smaller businesses and meeting it.