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Which way to you go? Which tactics are right for you?

Which way to go?

Which of these are the right tools to grow your business? Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Google+. SEO. Websites. Landing Pages. YouTube. Email Marketing. Direct mail. Advertising. And everything else that screams at you, “Use us to build your business.” Each has strengths and weaknesses. Advantages and disadvantages. Some work best when combined with other techniques. Before you select any one, you need to create the right plan. Use the right strategies. And select the correct tactics. A program half or incorrectly applied will do nothing for you.

Here are some of the ways we can help you rev up your business

  • Develop the right strategies and tactics for YOUR business.
  • Assess which social media programs are right for your business.
  • Review those you already use to make sure they are effective.
  • Define your positioning, target markets and trading areas.
  • Evaluate your website or suggest how to create the right one.
  • Create effective Point of Purchase signage.
  • Identify your best customers and prospects.
  • Set up your business to collect essential information for marketing.
  • And anything else you need to make you a winner.

There are two ways you can work with The Marketing Garage

1. Tune-up your marketing—

Magnifying Glass If you prefer to do-it-yourself, but want guidance, we will review what you are doing and recommend ways to improve responsiveness or, perhaps, which to eliminate or shelve for the time being. That way, you put your resources behind the most important activities/tactics first, then move on to others. The review can be done for all your programs or just one…or more.We act as your consultant only. You and your team do all the implementation.

2. Outsource some or all to The Marketing Garage             

Road leading to finishIf you are too busy to do it yourself, we can do some or all. From start to finish. We identify, design, create and execute anything or everything you need to build a meaningful presence. That can include your positioning, corporate identity, branding and all marketing communications to attract and retain customers and/or clients. We will show you how to collect information about each customer to help you target and communicate to each in the future. Whatever your business needs, we can help.